3 miscreants kidnap girl student and molest her, Know complete matter

Feb 11 2020 10:38 AM
3 miscreants kidnap girl student and molest her, Know complete matter

Balod: This incident is near Taraud on Rajnandgaon road. On Monday, a student of class 12 going to school was kidnapped by three masked youth. He also molested the student in the car. When the student started protesting on the way, the accused stopped the car near Parras Nala, the student got down from the car and scooted and stole and broke a tooth by stoning an accused.

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After this, all the accused escaped from the spot. The police have filed a case of kidnapping, molestation and POSCO act against the three accused, the police has now started investigating. The student studies in Dudhli Higher Secondary School. Some suspected students of the school are also being questioned. Since all the accused came under the mask. Due to which his face could not be identified, the police could not find any clue. The student says that two of the three accused had tampered with them by blocking the way on Friday. When the miscreants were taking me in the car, then only 4 people from my village were passing by but no one showed the courage to help me.

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The student said that on Friday when two of the accused youths blocked his path and molested him, he did not panic at all and faced them firmly. He further said, "From that day on, I was determined that I will remain by teaching a lesson to those who seduce me. When those people started taking me in a car on Monday, then I started opposing it. I was also sorry when the crooks were sitting in the car. The same four villagers of my village were passing, but no one helped me. Then I acted on my own accord and confronted the accused to free myself. The student fought this situation firmly. The student said that if I did not show courage, anything could happen to me today. The student's courage deserves praise."

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