The manufacturing of this car is being stopped after Indica
The manufacturing of this car is being stopped after Indica

Due to the low sales during the last months, Tata had closed manufacturing of both cars named Indica and Indigo. Now, this is the case with Tata Nano, being the smallest car. The company is still making a nano car but the sale is getting very low.

Talking about the year 2018, only 1,851 units of this car have been sold. Indica, launched in 1998, has sold 2,583 units this year. Indigo's 1,756 units, which were launched in 2002, have been sold. After this both of these cars manufacturing were closed. 

In 2009, the Tata Nano market, which was launched under the likes of Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata's favorite project, has not been a big deal to the customer for some time in recent years. Nonetheless, the company launched its GenX version in 2015. The automatic manual transmission was added in this but it did not make any difference to the car's sale.

According to sources, the car will be shut down by next year. New models like Tiago are being prepared in the company of Gujarat plant. Tiago is good in the sales market. Nano's highest number of 74,524 cars were sold in 2012. But after that, there was a great decrease in sales.

However, in the year 2016, the recovery was seen to some extent and 21,012 units sold, but after that, the fall of the decline was turned on again. 7,591 sales were sold in 2017 and only 1,851 cars were sold in 2018. There has been a major change in the auto market in the past few years. This change is the sale of small cars to be faster. In their place, people are more like compact segments and utility vehicles.

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