The mommy Shweta doesn't want her daughter Navya to be an actor
The mommy Shweta doesn't want her daughter Navya to be an actor

Shweta Bachchan Nanda chose not be a Bollywood star even come from family of Bollywood stars. Also she will be worried for her daughter Navya Naveli if she chooses to enter in B-town.

The mother Shweta doesn't want her daughter to be an actress, "I will be worried if if she plans to be an actor. I don't think it is as easy as it looks. You have to work extremely hard, especially if you are a woman. And I wonder if she has in her to bear with all of it. Also, there is a lot of failure involved, which many people don't see. The failure is personal, your acting skills... the way you look on screen is slashed out in open."

"My mother was the eldest daughter in the family. She graduated and told his father about her ambition of becoming an actor. Soon she joined acting school, and was a great student. I feel this is the way to go about it. Not because you see this as an easy way out. Instant fame and money in this industry is a myth," she added.No Google alert for Navya at this stage, "We have no Google alert for her, because it would be very upsetting for her to read these things. I didn't do anything for two years; thinking that it would only draw more attention towards it," Shweta as concerned mom said.

Shweta says she is equally protective for her son too, "My home is a home of women. Be it my grand-mother, mother, sister-in-law and me, we all are strong opinionated women. I am sure she will carry it forward."

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