The mother was so mad in love with her boyfriend that she killed her baby

Jun 20 2019 05:07 PM
The mother was so mad in love with her boyfriend that she killed her baby

Nowadays cases of rising crime are shocking to all. The case, which has recently come to light, is being described as very intense, where the 3-year-old innocent was sacrificed by his mother because of her illicit relationship. Yes, the mother's boyfriend wanted her to have a baby, so this young mother strangled her 3-year-old innocent with her boyfriend and the police registered a murder case against her daughter and her boyfriend on the statement of the accused woman's father. Both have been taken into custody.

The accused in the case were produced before the court and then remanded to police custody. According to the information received in this case, the GT Road has been asked to do so. Rajni, who lives in slums along the saim drain on the road, was married to Pradeep Kumar, a resident of Hattur village five years ago, and after marriage, his son Sonu was born at the age of 3.

Just 7-8 months ago, Pradeep and Rajni broke up and then Rani fled Hattur to Behla Barnala with her boyfriend. Before that, she left her son Sonu with her grandparents in her parents' place. After 7-8 months, her boyfriend, who has been living with Rajni, now wanted Rajni to have her own child for which he was constantly pressuring Rajni.

Before giving birth to a new baby with her boyfriend Sonu, Rajni first asked her to set up her old baby, and on Tuesday, Sonu came to Rajni's place and stayed at Rajni's house at night. "By 1:30 p.m., the child had slept with him. Meanwhile, Rajni and Sonu took the child out of the slums and strangled him and threw him away. "Before he escaped, Trishadev woke up and told the police to see them fleeing. Both have now been arrested.

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