Why corona figures of central and state governments are different?
Why corona figures of central and state governments are different?

Even after taking effective measures like lockdown, the spread of coronavirus in India does not seem to stop. Increasing cases of corona infection in Maharashtra and Delhi are now intimidating. 796 new cases were reported in the country in a day with which the number of infected has increased to 9,152. This number is definitely less compared to the previous day. According to the Union Health Ministry, 35 people died in the last 24 hours. 324 people have lost their lives in the country from Corona till now. 

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There has been a sudden jump in the number of infected people in the capital Delhi. According to the data received from the state, 356 new cases of corona have been reported in Delhi, out of which 325 are related to Tablighi Jamaat i.e. more than 90 percent. The total number of infected in Delhi has increased to 1,510. Most of the new cases of corona in Delhi and some other places in the country are related to the Tablighi Jamaat. After Delhi, there have been 352 new cases in Maharashtra and a total of 2,334 have been infected. There have been 150 new cases in Mumbai. 

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Officials say that the central government is delayed in getting the data from the states, besides it takes time to compile the data. 1279 new cases have been reported on Monday. The number of infected people has reached 10,455. On Monday, 12 people died in Maharashtra, five in Madhya Pradesh, four in Delhi, two each in Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh and one in Karnataka.

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