The one who does what she does selflessly, Sharani- A working woman and a homemaker (sharaninarayanaofficial)

Sharani, a 29 year old Hyderabad based mother, homemaker and a working woman is none other than a director at one of the most well known and prestigious institutions in India, Narayana Educational Institute. With over 640+ schools and colleges under Narayana, Sharani looks after each one with an equal eye and dedication.

Sharani has always been highly motivated towards achieving her goals and doing her best. Being a mother and a wife has never stopped her from going out of her way to chase her dreams. In fact, her family and her husband have been highly supportive of her work. They admire the way she is so highly devoted to her work and students. Her husband is one of those life partners that never leaves the side of their partner no matter what and is always there to lift their spirits. Sharani’s family has been the backbone and support which has only ignited the fire within her a little more, and has made her be equally amazing, as a wife and as a working woman.

You’d think a job that must take up so much time can be tiring for Sharani. On the contrary, it’s actually pretty rewarding for her. When she helps her students with their problems or anyone for that matter, she truly feels satisfied within and it only makes her heart bloom with happiness. Being around her colleagues, students or people in general, learning new things and always being the overachiever that she is, Sharani is someone you could easily get inspired from and also, can find yourself making a conversation with her. She has an aura that attracts people to her and makes one want to talk and be comfortable with her. She radiates positivity and comfort and that is something that is truly rare and a much needed trait that everyone should acquire.

Being someone who loves to help and motivate people, Sharani surely has inspired people to keep fighting against the odds and achieving their goals. No matter the obstacles, Sharani has found her way through it and has always stood up high and strong. Sharani truly is the epitome of strength and what truly a strong woman is. With the work that she does and how dedicated she is towards being a director and a homemaker and a mother, Sharani’s presence has motivated a lot of women to follow their dreams no matter what. Her influence on people has truly been high and has helped people to get motivated towards walking on the path towards their dreams. It’s unlikely for someone like Sharani to not help people and you can get motivated by just checking her Instagram @sharaninarayanaofficial and there’s no one else you’ll ever need to be influenced from.

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