This man cut the neck of 4 children after killing the couple
This man cut the neck of 4 children after killing the couple

Bhilwara: In 2015, a couple and their 4 innocent children were brutally murdered in Bhilwara, Rajasthan. In this case, on Saturday, the ADJ court of women's harassment case gave a big decision. The court has sentenced two criminals of this incident to death. The court held that the offender did not deserve mercy.

According to media reports, on July 28, 2015, the Mandal police station found the blood-stained body of Nimbahera resident Yunus alias Senu and his wife Chandtara in Hiraji Ka Kheda. On the other hand, the bodies of the couple's children Ashraf (10 years), Gudiya (7 years), Ashida (4 years) and Shakina (2 years) were found near the Bera intersection. Panic spread in the area after the dead body was found with a severed neck. Sharafat Khan, a resident of Nimbahera and Rajesh Khatik, a resident of Neemuch, was arrested for this murder. Both these criminals have been sentenced by the court.

The same criminal Sharafat interrogated the police. Sharafat had said that his father Salim Khan had illicit relations with the deceased Chandtara. That is why he hated Chandtara so much. Sharafat conspired to kill Chandtara and her entire family. In this, he also included his Rakhi brother Rajesh Khatik. The criminal Sharafat took the entire family of Chandtara in a car with him on the pretext of Ziyarat on the night of 27 July 2015. She attacked Chandtara and her husband, Yunus, with a sword at a secluded place on the Ajmer Highway. Due to which both died. The bodies of both were pushed to the side of the road. The crime of the criminal did not end here. The children had seen their parents being murdered. In such a situation, he stopped the car and brought out each child and cut the neck of all four. The body was thrown into a pit filled with water.

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