Lord Ganesha was Brahmachari, yet he had two marriages, know why ...?
Lord Ganesha was Brahmachari, yet he had two marriages, know why ...?

These days, Bappa is being worshiped everywhere because the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is going on these days. In such a situation, let us tell you that the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is considered to be a very important festival in Hinduism and Hindus worship Ganpati first.

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In such a situation, the first place of all the Gods has been given to Shri Ganesh Ji and for this reason, it is considered obligatory to worship Ganapati before performing any auspicious work. In such a situation, very few people know that Shri Ganesha was married in a different coincidence with all the other gods because Ganesha did not want to get married but still he was tied to the marriage with Riddhi Siddhi.

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Let us tell you that Lord Ganesha was always worried about his physical structure and once he was doing penance, Tulsi went there and became fascinated by seeing Ganesha. It is said that she expressed her desire to marry Ganesh ji, but Ganesh ji refused to accept her proposal by calling himself Brahmachari, and angry with this, Tulsi ji cursed her for two marriages.

For this reason, Tulsi is not used in the worship of Shri Ganesh. Along with this, there is a story that Shri Ganesh Ji used to be upset with his mouth and thick stomach and he used to think that if I am not married then I will not let anyone else get married.

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At the same time, Ganesh ji started putting havoc in everyone's work and in this work Ganesh Ji also got support from his Vahan Mooshak. With this, all the gods got upset due to this behavior of Lord Ganesha and at the same time, they took their troubles to Brahma.

After that Brahmaji reached with his two psyche daughters Riddhi and Siddhi to Ganesh ji and asked him to teach and if Shri Ganesh had any news of the marriage, Riddhi and Siddhi would pay attention to him and this is why marriages started happening At the same time, when Ganesha came to know that they were getting married without hindrance, he became angry when Brahma Ji proposed to marry Riddhi Siddhi in front of him, after which Ganesha happily married both. 

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