The US senator's big statement said- "Instagram and other social media apps..."

Top executives of photo sharing app Instagram clashed with US senators on Wednesday over the impact of the photo sharing app on the young consumer. In the midst of the hearing, Lawmakers from both sides have called for strict official monitoring of the social media app. Adam Moseri, head of Facebook's company Instagram, has insisted that many young users find that Instagram improves their lives. "I am proud of our work to help keep young people safe, to support struggling youth and to empower our parents to help our teenagers develop healthy and safe online habits," he has said.

Members of the Senate Committee on Consumer Protection have spoken a different matter, citing internal documents revealed by the The Wall Street Journal, which state that Instagram have been blamed for an increase in anxiety and depression among adolescents. Many senators pointed to Instagram accounts created by their own office that were repeatedly seen pushing towards harmful content.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Ten), the panel's top Republican, has said, "I'm just a little disappointed. Parents hear from you that change is coming, things are going to be different. But nothing changes. Nothing." On the claim of many MPs that the company's social media products are attractive, Adam Moseri has said, "We have only one goal. We all want teenagers to be safe online." Some MPs have asked the head of the Instagram to make some necessary changes to the app.

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