Wife caught her husband red-handed with his girlfriend

Jun 18 2020 06:02 PM
Wife caught her husband red-handed with his girlfriend

The crime case that has come up recently has shocked everyone. In this case, the wife had two daughters, the husband left her and lived with the girlfriend. While the wife did not get justice even after wandering for a year, she reached the husband's house and beat him fiercely with his girlfriend. This case is being reported from Baran district of Rajasthan. In Baran, a wife caught the compounder husband red-handed from a house with a girlfriend.

During this time, the wife beat her husband and girlfriend fiercely. According to the information received, leaving the wife and living with his girlfriend cost dearly to man at the Atru Community Health Center in Baran. On Wednesday, the wife reached the husband's house and when he opened the gate the girlfriend was found. She lost her temper when his girlfriend came out of the husband's house. Not only this, the wife beat the girlfriend fiercely, seeing that the husband started running on the roof above, but the wife also grabbed the husband and smashed him too.

In this case, the husband of the victim's married woman, along with his girlfriend, having fun in the house on the Nakoda colony of Baran. According to reports, the victim's wife was married in 2006, after which the husband left after they had two children and lived with a girlfriend in Nakoda Colony. In this case, news has also come that no case has been filed so far.

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