The Worst Habits That Damage Your "Kidneys"

Your kidneys are an essential part of your body’s purification system. They help to detoxify your blood, so that the waste that they filter out, can then be discharged through your urine. Good kidney function is essential to any healthy body. You can actually afford to lose as much as 90% of your kidney function without any ill effect. The best advice is to keep your kidneys healthy in the first place.

Kidneys can be damaged due to many issues, but these are the most common reasons:

Not enough water

Your kidneys most important function is to filter blood and eliminate toxins and waste materials. When you don’t drink enough of water during the day toxins and waste material start to accumulate and can cause severe damage to your body.

Delaying urinating

Many of us ignore the urge to go because they are too busy or want to avoid public bathrooms. Retaining urine on a regular basis increase urine pressure and can lead to kidney failure, kidney stone, and incontinence. So listen to your body when nature calls.

Too much salt

The dietary sodium in table salt is essential to electrical nerve and muscle body functions, but over-consuming sodium is a health risk. When your blood sodium is too high from eating salty foods, your kidneys must work to restore a balance of electrolytes and fluids. If it remains chronically high, your kidneys can sustain damage that might not cause symptoms until their function is seriously impaired.

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