There has been a huge fall in the prices of gold and silver, you will be shocked to know the new price.

Are you also planning to buy gold or gold jewelery in the season of lagna, then there is good news for you. The prices of gold and silver have once again registered a fall. On the second day of this trading week, gold prices declined marginally by Rs 25 per 10 grams, while silver became costlier by Rs 655 per kg.

On the same Tuesday, gold became cheaper by Rs 25 per ten grams and closed at Rs 51292 per 10 grams. Whereas on the last trading day on Monday, gold became expensive at the rate of Rs 290 per 10 grams and closed at Rs 51317 per 10 grams. On Tuesday, silver became expensive by Rs 655 and closed at Rs 61711 per kg. Whereas on the last trading day on Monday, silver became costlier by Rs 202 and closed at Rs 62206 per kg. On Tuesday, 24 carat gold fell by Rs 25 to Rs 51292, 23 carat gold by Rs 51087, 22 carat gold 23 by Rs 46983, 18 carat gold by Rs 19 cheaper by Rs 38469 and 14 carat gold by Rs 14. It was closed at the level of Rs 30006 per 10 grams.

Check the price sitting at home like this:-

Let us tell you that you can easily find out these prices sitting at home. For this, all you have to do is give a missed call on this number 8955664433 and a message will come on your phone, in which you can check the latest price. Let us tell you that if you now want to check the purity of gold, then an app has been introduced by the government for this. With the 'BIS Care app', customers can check the purity of gold.

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