Banana tree planted on middle of road, will be surprised to know the reason
Banana tree planted on middle of road, will be surprised to know the reason

Sometimes we all come across some such scenes which are astonishing. Now at this time, a picture is going viral which is surprising everyone. In fact, this picture is being told of Florida, America, where something has happened that everyone is surprised to see. In fact, someone planted a banana tree on the middle road here. You must be surprised to hear but you can see in the picture that it is true. At the same time, when an attempt was made to know the reason behind this, it came to the fore that due to the potholes, water, and mud on the road, the local people decided to plant a banana tree on the middle road in protest against it, so that people's attention would be attracted.

According to a well-known website, eyewitnesses said that 'There were many big potholes on the road near Honda Drive in Fort Myers, which no one was paying attention to. In protest, two people planted a banana tree there. Drivers say that the road is full of potholes, due to which vehicles get damaged.' Simultaneously, when talking to the people on the road about this, they said that it becomes easy to locate the pit from the tree, but it did not solve the problems of the road.

On the other hand, local person Nicholas Angus told in a conversation with a famous website, 'When I drive on the road, many times the pothole makes it difficult. Now I pass through the shore because of the banana tree.' Talking about Lee County officials, they say that, 'the road is privately owned, so the potholes will not be repaired by county employees. It is up to the road owners to repair the pavement.'

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