There is a treasure of immunity booster hidden in your kitchen
There is a treasure of immunity booster hidden in your kitchen

The normal routine between lockdown and corona infection has been greatly affected. There has also been an increase in physical inactivity due to continuous stay in the house for a long time and the closure of outdoor activities, due to which the digestive system is deteriorating and problems of constipation, acidity, stomach heaviness and indigestion have increased.

The advice of the Ministry of AYUSH to avoid infection of Covid-19 means that we have to keep the immunity strong during the lockdown. This is possible only when our daily routine will be well-organized and the digestive system will work smoothly. Consuming lukewarm water is a better solution in this direction. 

According to Ayurveda regarding this matter, the digestive system remains active by bringing some common things in the diet, which keeps our immunity strong. Most people drink cold water after meals, which makes the digestive system sluggish. Due to this, expression, assimilation, metabolism and digestion do not work properly. As a result, properly digested food is converted into a toxin. Lukewarm water speeds up digestion. Looking at the circumstances, the lifestyle described in Ayurveda, balanced diet, dieting, exercise at home, yoga, pranayama are very important for health in this transition period.

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'Continuous improvement in recovery rate, 16540 patients cured so far' - Health Ministry

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