These Korean actresses' fitness gave tough competition to others, know their diets
These Korean actresses' fitness gave tough competition to others, know their diets

There is more than one funny actress and handsome actor in every industry, but the style and looks of Korean celebrities is something else. There is no Korean celeb who has not made headlines for her looks and on whom people don't die. In such a situation, everyone wants to get good skin like them. So someone is thinking about creating a figure like them. In such a situation, Korean singers, actresses and influencers have shared their diet plans, which you can follow, you can also get a tremendous figure. 

Nine Muses: The K-Pop Group Nine Muses always follows a rule - take a cup of rice (brown or mix), fill a second cup with fruits and the third with a side dish of your choice (which is low in fat and salt). The logic of this diet is that you get to keep your calories in check and you will not be able to compromise on nutrition.

Secret: The K-pop band secret believes in high protein and low carb diets. Along with fish and the rest of the seafood, tofu and milk, all these girls also eat vegetables. They have started eating sweet potatoes instead of rice. 

Seo In-young: Korean singer Seo In-young never forgets to follow the Banana diet. This diet started in Japan. Due to this once bananas were out of stock. With this diet, the size of your face is small. At the same time, belly fat is also reduced. Seo in-young likes this diet very much. She says she has lost 6 kg with the help of it.

Nicole Jung: Actress Nicole Jung follows the Denmark diet. It is said that this diet is used in the Royal Danish Hospital. That's why it was called Denmark Diet. But it seems to be more famous in Korea. In this diet, high protein is taken for 14 days. It contains a lot of boiled eggs and steamed meats. There should be no salt in your food and salad. Although lemon and vinegar can be used. Along with this, exercise is also necessary.

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