There was a big disclosure in Aryan Khan's chat… Weed-Hash is also mentioned

Aryan Khan has got a big relief in the cruise drugs case. In its charge sheet, NCB has given clean chit to Shahrukh Khan's son. It has been said that no concrete evidence has been found against him so far. Now it is becoming clear from the chargesheet that Aryan was not consuming drugs, but he used to talk to his friends about drugs.

Those chats have also been cited in the NCB chargesheet where Aryan is talking about drugs. Some things happened even 3 to 4 months before his arrest. If NCB is to be believed, Aryan has also chatted with about 30 people regarding drugs. Many such WhatsApp groups have also come to the fore where drugs have also remained in the headlines.

A friend of Aryan Khan had told NCB during interrogation that he knew Aryan since childhood. According to him, Aryan used to consume hash and weed when he was in America. There he had bought it many times because it was legal. If Aryan's friend is to be believed, even after coming to India, Shahrukh's son is consuming weed sometimes. But as soon as his friend comes, he throws him away.

Some chats have also been mentioned in the chargesheet along with the date. While talking to a girl on March 9, 2020, Aryan has said in detail about drugs. That chat is something like this-

Girl - Is it just weed

Aryan- No you can't drink it completely

Girl- I tried Molly once. I thought I would die. I had to take me home.

Aryan- You have to drink some beer, take weed with it and chill.

Along with this, a chat of Aryan Khan has also surfaced on November 24, 2018, where Aryan is asking a girl a question about Veed. The talk in that chat went something like this-

Aryan- Do you know where weed can be found?

Girl- No, I do not know any dealer here. Would Nick know?

Aryan- Talk to Nick, come on, I will talk.

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