These 3 dry fruits you should eat regularly to stay healthy

Feb 10 2021 06:18 PM
These 3 dry fruits you should eat regularly to stay healthy

Nuts are a powerhouse of nutrients that provides a number of health benefits. They are expensive but are necessary. In this fast-paced world, you are always looking for some shortcuts even when it comes to food. 

Nuts are highly nutritious and rich in proteins, vitamins, dietary fibers, and minerals with lots of benefits. In a balanced diet, you need to eat them as they complete your course diet. Eating them regularly is good for the body as it is loaded with essential nutrients and provides instant energy. They are easy on the stomach and can be munched on. Here are the best and most beneficial nuts in your diet and make the most of it.


Rich in vitamin E, healthy fats, and antioxidants. Also, are a good source of essential minerals and regular consumption of hazelnuts helps in regulating blood pressure.


Walnuts are effective in balancing cholesterol levels. They increase the number of good bacteria in the gut and reduce oxidative stress in the brain.


Pistachios are tasty to eat and have several health benefits. These are loaded with antioxidants that help boost immunity and prevent various cardiovascular diseases. Also, have a huge number of dietary fibers that help to fight against constipation and keep your gut system healthy.

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