These 5 body parts of women attract men the most
These 5 body parts of women attract men the most

Even without any intention, men get attracted towards the beautiful woman and stay tuned. After which the same question comes to mind, what do men see in the women's?

Today we will tell you those 5 body parts of women, men are attracted most quickly.

Breast: Men's eye goes to women's breast before any woman's face. Research has confirmed this fact. Men prefer the most balanced size of breast. However, some men prefer big and sophisticated breasts.

Thigh: These things seem a bit weird, but men gets attracted towards the thighs of women. According to the body of women, the shape of their thighs attracts men very much.

Hips: After breast, the men's eye stops at the hips of women. Men prefer more fatty, fleshy and raised hips of women. Men can not live without seeing any women's hips. But this thing do not apply to all men.

Cleavage: Cleavage are a rift between the two breasts of females.

Lips: Love can not be imagined without lip. Beautiful lip is enough to attract any man.

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