These people who have moles on these parts face many difficulties!

Aug 06 2019 04:20 PM
These people who have moles on these parts face many difficulties!

Having mole in the body exposes many secrets. Astrology and oceanography have special significance in every individual's life, but apart from the lines on the palm, mole also says a lot about the future of man. Yes, palm mole is very auspicious but some are very ominous. So today we're going to tell you what mole in different palm places means.

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* It is said that Venus is the bottom part of the thumb and if a man makes a mole on Venus, he is considered to be a negative thinker of man and is wrong with it.

* If the Chandra Mountains are on the other side of the front of the Venus Mountains, people who have a mole in their palms on the Moon Mountains have a lot of troubles and obstacles in their marriage.

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* We've been told that the Guru Mountain Index is built under the finger. It is said that if a mole is made on the Guru Mountain, man can get unlucky results.

* Saturn is built under the middle finger and moles are not considered to be good at this place. It is said that people who have moles on their palms can always face health problems.

* Says that the sun is the lower part of the mountain ring finger, this place refers to the lack of respect for the value of sesame. At the same time, the mercury is under the smallest finger, and if there is a mole here, the person suddenly loses money.

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