These non-dairy foods are rich in calcium, eating them will keep bones strong for years

Calcium is very important for the body and it is an important element necessary for us to grow properly. In fact, it is believed that some dairy products like milk and curd are rich sources of calcium, by consuming which the bones of the body become strong. Now today we are going to tell you about some non-dairy foods that can give you plenty of calcium. Let us know about these substances.

Amaranth and Ragi - Healthy and gluten-free grains like amaranth and ragi are packed with several important minerals, including calcium. Yes, in such a situation, include them in your diet and enjoy.

Chana- It contains 150 mg calcium in about 100 grams. In fact, gram is also one of the best sources of vegan protein. Let us tell you that it is full of iron, copper, folate and phosphorus. You can cook a variety of dishes with chickpeas and enjoy great snacks.

Bhindi – Bhindi is an important source of fiber, magnesium, folate and vitamin B6. Yes and about 100 grams of lady's finger contains 86 milligrams of calcium. Apart from this, broccoli and other leafy vegetables also contain calcium.

Soyabeans and its products – Soyabeans are one of the most preferred options amongst Vegans and Vegetarians. Yes, 100 grams of soybean provides 239 mg of dietary calcium. Soybeans also contain iron and protein content.

Sesame - Sesame seeds contain magnesium, iron, phosphorus, zinc and selenium. Yes, and about 100 grams of sesame seeds contain almost 100% of the daily value of calcium required for an Indian adult. In this case, you can dry roast sesame seeds and sprinkle them on foods or consume them in the form of tahini paste. Keep in mind that take it only up to 2-3 teaspoons in a day.

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