These People willingly opted for 'Disability'!
These People willingly opted for 'Disability'!

People can suffer from any type of rare disease and one among them is 'Body Integrity Identity Disorder' (BIID). It is a psychological condition in which individual think of becoming disable. Till now, there is no cure made to treat this disorder and as of now only therapy works.

Many people who are affected by it,end up injuring themselves and some even got paralyzed.

Chloe Jennings- White dreamt of being paralyzed and even found a doctor who was going to disable her permanently.


However, this couldn't become possible as she was unable to afford the money for the surgery. 


Jewel Shuping also suffered from same disorder. In 2006, with the help of a psychiatrist she became blind. Today, she regrets her decision.


Alex Mensaert, willingly lost his both legs and one arm. He even wrote a book about his Journey.


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