These plants should be worshipped for happiness and prosperity
These plants should be worshipped for happiness and prosperity

From ancient times, trees and plants have been worshipped. Astrologers and Vaastu scholars also believe that worshiping trees can save us from many obstacles in life. There are some plants which must be planted at home if you want prosperity and happiness. If you do not have a place in your house, then you must worship them if you see them around.This will give you a lot of benefits.

Tulsi- Vishnu Priya should be planted in every Hindu household. If it is not in your house then try to plant it as soon as possible. In the morning and evening, water should be offered to them. There is never a lack of things in the house in which this tree is planted. 

Peepal - This tree should not be planted in the house and it will take care of your auspiciousness. Be sure to worship this tree. All sins are destroyed if you continue watering it, the ancestors also gain peace from it.

Bilv- The planting of the Bilv tree which is favorite of Lord Shiva helps in pleasing him. Shiva Puja remains incomplete in the absence of the letter of Bilvah. To get promotion in the job or get rid of pain, people worship this tree.

Ashok - This tree destroys every tragedy with life. Those who offer water on the Ashoka tree every day, have the divine grace of God on them. They are not even touched by the worries of sickness, sadness, and unrest.

Banana - Planting banana tree on the north side of the house increases money. If the Basil plant is also planted with it, then the grace of Lord Vishnu-Lakshmi remains unchanged at home and family.

Banyan- By worshiping banyan, happiness, and prosperity in the family and in the house remains unchanged.

Amla - Everyday sins are redeemed by worshiping it.

Shami - Shami tree in the house keeps the divine grace of it on the people living around.

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