These three things are a boon for bone health, eat daily
These three things are a boon for bone health, eat daily

Many people trouble with the problem of pain in bones and joints while walking or sitting. Yes and it is not due to age. By the way, it indicates that your bones have become weak. All of you must have heard from many people complaining of pain in joints and bones in today's time. By the way, with age, the bones start weakening. However, now the problem of bone pain is also seen in young people. So we are going to tell you what things you should eat so that your bones can be strengthened naturally. Let's know about them.

These three things are very beneficial for bone health-

To improve bone health, consuming three things can prove to be very beneficial. Let's tell.

Sesame- Sesame seeds are rich in phosphorus and calcium, which prove to be very beneficial for bone health.

Beans- Beans act as a power house for bones. In fact, they contain magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, which help in improving bone health. So in such a situation it is important that you include things like kidney beans, soybeans in the diet.

Ragi- Ragi is also rich in calcium, and it is considered very good for your bones. You can make cheela, pancake, roti etc. with ragi. You can get great benefits by eating these three things.

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