These unknown facts about 'World' will blow your mind

In the world, many things took place daily. We acquired knowledge about these things through internet, television or any other medium. Though, we try to remain updated about each and everything, we sometime miss out few news.

So, for this, we have compiled the list of some amazing facts about world. It might happen that you have not heard about it anytime in your life...

1. World's richest country is Switzerland.

2. There is no river in Saudi Arab.

3. The most generous man of world is America's Rockefeller who has donated around Rs. 75 billion.

4. The most expensive metal in the world is uranium.

5. In Australia there is mountain named Ayras that changes its colors daily.

6. The holiday on Sunday started from year 1843.

7. In world, total 2792 languages are spoken.

8. France is the country where there is no mosquito.

9. In Norway sun shines in the mid night.

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