These Israeli videos and pictures will give you goosebumps, prisoners are still being tortured
These Israeli videos and pictures will give you goosebumps, prisoners are still being tortured

Amidst the Israel-Hamas war, some such photos of Gaza are emerging on social media, due to which questions are being raised on the Israeli Army. In the photos, dozens of Gaza citizens are sitting on their knees in half clothes, their eyes are blindfolded. In some photos, Gaza citizens are seen being forced to sit naked in a military truck. Reports say that, however, no clarification has been given by Israel in this regard yet. Till now, no information has been revealed as to why the citizens have been detained by Israeli soldiers. Some prisoners seen in the photographs have also been identified. His family members have said that he has nothing to do with any extremist group.

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor also said in a statement, "Israeli forces have detained dozens of Palestinian civilians and are ill-treating them." "Euro-Mediterranean Monitor has received reports that Israeli forces have begun arbitrary arrests of doctors, academics, journalists and elderly men, as well as displaced persons."

What is the reason?:  Reports say that the arrested people are also being called Hamas fighters in the Israeli media. However, no evidence has been given in this regard. Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari was asked questions in a press conference about the arrest of civilians. He said, "Those who are hiding in the area during the war with Hamas can gradually come out on their own." Daniel said about this, "We are finding out who belongs to Hamas in the area and who does not. We detain them and ask them questions. We will do this until we are satisfied." That Hamas's presence in the area has ended."

Doctors and journalists are going missing from Gaza:   Not only this, on Thursday, the famous media outlet Al-Arabi Al Jadid in Arab countries has issued a statement saying that one of the arrested people is their correspondent and many members of his family are included. Are. Many doctors are also present among those arrested. 

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