Woman spy had covered 500 km distance on bicycle during second world war

Sep 15 2020 05:24 PM
Woman spy had covered 500 km distance on bicycle during second world war

What would you say about a woman who is beautiful, cool, a wonderful soldier and a smart detective? Having a woman in the detective stories always attracts people. The biggest reason for this is that women are seen less in these types of roles and what is not normal always attracts. One such female detective was Nancy Grace Augusta Wake. 

Nancy Wake, one of the popular women fighters of the Second World War, was born on 30 August 1912 in New Zealand. But she was raised in Australia. At the age of 16, Nancy ran away from school and started working as a reporter in France. It is said that she lied to get the job that she knew a lot about the history of Egypt and wanted to write about it.

She also fell in love with businessman Henri Fiocca in France and the two married. When the Germans warped France in 1939, Wake joined the French resistance. She assisted airmen to reach safer places in Spain. In the year 1942, somehow all the information was given to the Germans. She fled to Britain via Spain. During the Second World War, Nancy did such amazing work, which shocked everyone. After losing the radio codes of very important allies in the war, she decided to cover 500 km by bicycle and enter the enemy's territory and bring it in replacement. Nancy did this job in just three days. 

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