Thinking about your secrets may harm your overall well-being: Study
Thinking about your secrets may harm your overall well-being: Study

Are you a secret keeper and hesitate to speak you heart and think about secreats then it can harm you. A recent study suggests that this obsessive habit can be harmful for our well-being at large.

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Michael L. Slepian, lead author of the study said, "Almost everyone keeps secrets, and they may be harmful to our well-being, our relationships and our health. How secrecy brings such harm, however, is highly under-studied.”  She further added "Hiding a secret is largely driven by how often a person is having a conversation related to the secret with the person whom he or she is hiding it from, not how he or she feels about the secret.

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It was found that when a person felt shame about the secret, he or she felt small, worthless or powerless, while guilt made an individual feel remorse, tension or regret. Secrets about one's mental health, a prior traumatic experience or unhappiness with one's physical appearance tended to evoke more shame.whereas hurting another person, lying to someone or violating someone's trust induced more guilt.

As per research, people who feel shame about a secret, as opposed to guilt, are more likely to be consumed by thoughts of what they are hiding. Feeling regret did not cause a person to think repeatedly about a secret in the same way that feeling powerless did.


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