GOOGLE booked for 3rd time for search monopoly, learn what's the whole case

May 18 2021 02:52 PM
GOOGLE booked for 3rd time for search monopoly, learn what's the whole case

Alphabet Inc is facing his third major trial on google of s.  This is because a group of 38 US states and territories have accused the GOOGLE of increasing search monopoly on smart speakers, televisions and cars.  According to the Colorado attorney general's office, the state has asked for a case filed by the Justice Department in October to be considered. The complaint focuses on GOOGLE's search business and search advertising, as well as the use of the Exclusive Agreement by GOOGLE to dominate new technologies as well as to dominate new technologies. For example, rivalry with virtual assistant technology in which Amazon. Com's Amazon Alexa is included. The allegation remains over concerns publicly expressed by speaker maker Sonos and other companies, which it says 'GOOGLE has acted wrongly to increase its market power'.

Google is preventing competitors: Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller has said that competitors in the Google Voice Assistant market have been prevented from reaching users through connected cars, an important way to access the Internet in the near future. While Google has not responded, the GOOGLE stock on Thursday afternoon was 0. There was a decline of 8 per cent.

A lawsuit over digital advertising: Let us say that 11 states joined the Federal Governments' complaint and the $1 trillion veteran GOOGLE has been accused of illegally searching and maintaining their position in advertising on the Internet. A group of Republican attorney generals led by Texas on Wednesday also filed a separate lawsuit focusing on the dominance of GOOGLE's digital advertising.

The bigger the case against Microsoft: Not only that, apart from these cases, the two cases against social media giant FACEBOOK are the biggest cases of distrust in this generation, just as big as the case against Microsoft in 1998. In 1998, Microsoft was sued by US advocates under the Anti-Competitive Law. It was alleged that this big software company crushed every competition that came to light by misusing the power gained in the market.

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