This Bike Chair Allows Someone With Limited Mobility To Go For a Bicycle Ride

Jun 10 2021 10:37 AM
This Bike Chair Allows Someone With Limited Mobility To Go For a Bicycle Ride

The Bike Chair is a unique bicycle that allows you to take a disabled person or someone with limited mobility for a bike ride.  For people with mobility issues, getting out to enjoy fresh air is more of a challenge. Most of the time, the elderly and people with a physical inability can be stuck at home more often than other people. But thanks to this disabled bike chair, you can now take your loved ones with limited mobility for a relaxing ride outdoors.

The way the Bike Chair works is the back is essentially a regular bicycle, but the front turns it into a tricycle, and sort-of makes it a wheelchair and bicycle combo. The disabled passenger sits on the front two wheels, as the driver uses their front wheels to steer the bike.

The driver has full control of the vehicle by steering the front wheels. To ensure the safety of the passenger in front, the wheelchair is equipped with buckles and straps. Just make sure that they’re securely buckled up to prevent them from falling out of the chair during the ride. When Bill and his wife used the bike chair and rode together around local bikeways, it quickly gained the attention of the locals. In fact, the couple’s inspiring story was featured in numerous videos on YouTube. One of which has become viral, garnering over 2.7 million views as of this writing.

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