This company is bringing airless tires for vehicles
This company is bringing airless tires for vehicles

The new generation Earles wheel technology Michelin and General Motors have offered for passenger vehicles. It is called Movin' On Peak connectivity for sustainable mobility-Uptis Metatytype (or unique puncture proof tire system). The Joint research agreement will validate the Uptis protocol with the goal of introducing Uptis to both companies at the passenger model at the beginning of 2024. Michelin and GM Uptis are working on prototypes and are going to start with the Chevrolet bold EV. By the end of this year, automakers will begin real-world testing of Uptis on the test fleet of Bolt EV vehicles in Michigan.

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Yet the Michelin on Earles Tyres has been working for the last five years. The company also showcased the tall concept in 2014 and invested 50 million in the new plant to prepare it for commercial use. Uptis is a version of this and it is airless. This completely eliminates the risk of flat tires and blowout.

Uptis prototype is re-engineered for passenger vehicles from today and it is also well suited for emerging forms of mobility. Tomorrow's vehicles and fleets-whether autonomous, all-electric, shared service or other applications-will demand almost zero maintenance from tires to maximize their operational capabilities. Uptis has a distinct architecture and materials that enable the tires to withstand the weight of the car in a road-running speed. Around 200 million tires worldwide are damaged due to premature puncture, road hazards or improper air pressure every year. The Uptis prototype makes these advancements to provide a more durable mobility solution to Michelin and GM's secure, shared commitment.

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