This country consider black cat a boon, know why

Black cats are in very big statistics in most Indian households. According to popular belief, if a black cat cuts your path, it attracts misfortune, negativity and, well, you are believed to be "ruined". People stop where they are when they cut the cat's path, but that's not the case abroad. Not many people rear cats in their homes because they believe that cats are unlucky. But because of different beliefs, people have taken a lot of questions in their minds, whereas abroad it is not. However, you may be surprised to know that in many other famous cultures, black cats are considered auspicious, reproductive, loving and prosperous. Don't you trust? Read on to find out which countries put black cats on a seat.

1- UK:- According to superstitions prevalent in Britain, gifting a black cat to a bride on her wedding day is a privilege to bring. If there is a cat in the house of newlyweds, it is said that it drives away evil and did you know that the black colour of the cat is considered to be a lucky colour there?

2- Japan:- In Japan, black or completely white cats are considered to bring prosperity and good fortune to their homes. It is also said that according to the Japanese, black cats drive away evil and pursuers.

3- France:- Here black cats are called matgot and according to superstition in France, if you feed the black cat properly, it brings good luck.

4- Scotland:- There is an interesting tradition of Scottish people that if an unknown cat, black or any colour enters your house, it is a sign that money will knock on your door soon.

5- Norway:- Norwegian mythology says that black cats are symbols of love and increase fertility. This is because the black cats were about to pull the chariot of Freyja, the goddess of love and fertility.

6- Egypt:- Black cats were worshipped like God in Egypt. He was loved for being beautiful, affectionate and intelligent. In fact, if a black cat had died in the family, the whole family would be in mourning.

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