This mysterious hero is coming to suck the blood of Spiderman

Marvel Universe has introduced the audience to many superheroes since its initial series. At the same time, many such villains have also been erected in front, which has become the favourites of the people who see them. Since the arrival of The Avengers series supervillain Thanos, the audience has been constantly looking to see a strong challenge for superheroes. With this in mind, Now Marvel remains on its upcoming series Supervillains. However, instead of showing the negative character of these villains, Marvel is going to present them as anti-heroes. Marvels have previously experimented with the villains of the Spiderman series. That's why Spiderman's known enemy 'Venom' in comic books has become the favourite anti-hero of the audience as soon as they see him. At the same time, now Marvel is coming up with its new movie Morbius, in which another vampire of the spiderman series has presented the character of villain Morbius as an anti-hero.

This villain has appeared before in the Spiderman series of the Marvel Universe. In 'The Amazing Spider-Man,' the character of Morbius has been introduced to the audience for the first time. However, then neither the character of this villain was shown properly nor his merits have been kept open. Due to this, Marvel has decided to make a separate movie on this villain. Marvel's eagerness to develop this character can be understood from the fact that for the role of Morbius, the studio has decided to replace an unknown face with Hollywood's well-known actor Jared Leto. Leto has earlier played the role of a joker in DC Universe's 'The Suicide Squad.'

Who is Morbius?: This villain of the spiderman world is a Nobel Prize-awarded scientist, who people recognize as Dr Morbius. He has a rare disease of the blood and he constantly tries to find a cure for this disease of his. One day Morbius injects the DNA of the vampire bat into his body to get rid of his disease, after which he turns into a creepy living vampire. After becoming a vampire, he gets various powers.

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