After being slapped by Chris Rock, Will Smith resigned from the academy, said...''

American actor Will Smith has been in the news during the 94th Oscar Awards ceremony. The actor slapped Chris Rock, who was hosting the Oscar Award ceremony, after which the Academy is going to initiate disciplinary action against Will Smith. However, even before the action, the actor has resigned from the academy. Will Smith has also made a statement about it.

Will Smith said, "I am ready to accept all sorts of consequences for my actions. Whatever I did at the 94th Oscars was shameful, and shocking. The list of people I've hurt is very long. Chris is involved, his family is also present. Many of my friends are involved. I realize that I have slain the faith of the Academy. Because of me, the other winners have not been given a chance to celebrate so far.''

Will Smith further said, "I resign from the membership of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and whatever punishment the Board is trying to give me, I will accept it." Comedian Chris Rock was hosting the Oscar award held in Los Angeles. Chris Rock made fun of Will Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, baldness. The matter, which started with a joke, gradually escalated to such an extent that Smith went on stage and slapped Chris. At the same time, Chris later appealed to forgive him for this act.  

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