This member of Dharma Productions came under criticism for commenting on the oscar slapping scandal

Will Smith went on stage in the middle of the Oscars ceremony and slapped Chris Rock. Chris had made fun of Will's wife Jeda's illness. There has been talk of this incident all over the country. However, after the incident, Will apologized through social media, while the Academy has also criticized the incident. Many stars like Salman Khan, Kangana Ranaut, KRK, Ekta Kapoor have rightly called Will Smith's slap scandal right. So at the same time, some wills have also started to troll for it. One of them is producer Somen Mitra. Somen tweeted: "From time to time, he #OscarSoWhite saying, now I understand why it was so good. The writer has gone somewhere far away and hid... What Somen meant to say is that it was good not to invite black people like Will Smith to the Oscars.

It was Somen's writing that people trolled him on social media. One user wrote- This man is at the top position in Karan Johar's company Dharma. Remember that 'blackness' in Bollywood films is not accidental. One user wrote, "These are the same people who go around saying, "Fucking Indian people, the British ran a train in India at least 50 years ago. ''

Will Smith also shared an apology on social media after slapping comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars. He said in the statement, "My behaviour... It was unacceptable and unfair. I couldn't bear the joke on Jeda's illness and reacted emotionally. I want to apologize to you publicly, Chris... I was wrong. "



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