This doctor would have pregnant every woman coming to the hospital, everyone was stunned when it was revealed

Recently a shocking news has come out in which it is being told that a fertility doctor turned out to be the father of 94 children. And still the counting continues. Actually, he used to put his sperm in the patients coming to his place. Now Netflix has made a documentary about this matter. The incident is from Indianapolis, USA. Here Dr. To make people aware of the true story of Donald Kline, Netflix has made a documentary named 'Our Father'. In the 1970s and 1980s, this doctor used to put his sperm in the female patients coming to his hospital without informing them.

The same criminal was first exposed by his daughter Jacoba Belaid. He was born only through sperm donation. One day he did his DNA test at home. In which he came to know that he has seven more siblings from this doctor. But his mother is different. Thereafter, the group began working to find out the truth behind their family tree. In which he came to know - his parents' fertility doctor used to put his sperm in female patients.

In the documentary, Jacoba has told about this in detail. Matt White also received the news that she is also Doctor Kline's child. He said – I was just feeling bad for my mother. Matt's mother Liz White said - When Matt's DNA test came, the first thing that came out of my mouth was that I had been raped 15 times and I did not even know. Regarding his treatment by Dr. Kline, he said that he was always alone in his office. After the matter came to light, Kline was taken to court. As per the then provisions, he had not broken any criminal law. Thereafter, a fine of about 40 thousand rupees was collected from him. And he was let go. In the year 2018, a law was passed, under which illegal sperm donors would be considered illegal in Indiana. However, there is no federal law in the US regarding this yet.

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