To grow onions kept at home, this is the 2nd easiest method

Consuming raw green onion or onion (Kanda) is considered very beneficial and people like it very much. However, many times the onion kept in our house's token sprouts on its own. In such a situation, if you also want to grow a new plant from the onions kept in your house, then we are going to tell you how.

First method- If you are also thinking of growing another onion from one onion, then for that you have to choose sprouted onion i.e. an onion from which green leaves have come out automatically. For this, you can bury the onion directly in the soil. Yes, and for this, first of all take a large pot and prepare it by adding soil, water and compost. On the other hand, if you have a pot of ready-made soil, then make a pit of about 1-2 inches in the middle of the soil of this pot and bury the onion with sprouts in it. During this, keep in mind that the entire part of the onion is buried in the soil and only the sprouted part is visible above.

In this way, you bury the onion in the pot at some distance and press the onion with your hands while scattering the soil from above. However, keep in mind that the sprout part of the onion should not be pressed. Now pour a small amount of water on top. During this you will see that in a few days new onion plants have started growing from it. These onions grow quickly and do not require much care.

Second method- If you do not have onions with sprouts and only plain onions, then for that you will have to cut the onion i.e. cut the onion about 1 inch from the root part of the onion, to dry that cut onion. Keep it for At the same time, let it dry until the crust comes in the inner part of the onion and apart from this, if you want, you can fill it with water in a glass and keep it for sprouts or sprouts and then the sprouted onion in the soil By burying a new onion plant, you can easily grow it at home.

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