This famous Villian of B-town is not in a mood to Say 'Bulla’s' Dialogue !
This famous Villian of B-town is not in a mood to Say 'Bulla’s' Dialogue !

Actor Mukesh Rishi is a name synonymous with Bollywood villainy, and in recent years, he has also seen a meteoric rise in his fan base all thanks to his character Bulla in Gunda (1993). But, the actor says that Bulla is one role that he never enjoyed doing.

Gunda, a Kanti Shah film, first released in 1998, was quick to fade away. But the industry and audience wasn’t going to let such a gem star slip away. More than a decade after its release, the film gained a surprising amount of cult popularity via internet, all credit and thanks to several adulatory video reviews and fan pages that have emerged. Recently in Delhi, we caught up with Mukesh Rishi aka Bulla from Gunda about the newfound cult popularity of the 1998 crime thriller.

“I felt ashamed while saying Bulla’s dialogues! There was a mixed feeling of shame and guilt, and I constantly questioned myself why I was doing this in the first place,” said Rishi.

He added, “I was working with actors like Shakti Kapoor and Mithun da, who were already at the peak of their careers. So one such movie wouldn’t have changed their image. But I was fairly new and didn’t want to be taken lightly. I didn’t want people to stop working with me because they thought that this was the kind of content I was capable of.”

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