This Friendship Day get your friend out of Depression
This Friendship Day get your friend out of Depression

These days the cases of depression is increasing day by day in youngster. You might be not aware about this, your friend may look all ready  but deep down he/she is suffering from depression. If your friend is suffering from Depression then the best gift you  can give him is to get out him of Depression by following these steps.

Listen First: When people get depressed, they often feel very isolated. They may feel that they have no one they can talk to about their problems. It 's difficult for a depressed person to talk about how they are feeling. Be there for your friend and let them do the talking. Encourage them to talk about their illness, don’t try to give solution and advice be  a good listenier and try to understand the problem.

Make them Socialize: A depressed person is likely to withdraw from their social circle. They may not want to socialize at all. Keep them in the loop, though. Invite them to social events, but don't push too hard for them to attend. Inviting your friend to events will reassure them that they are not forgotten. If they don’t want to come don’t force him but remind him that you are there for him.

Don’t give Expert advice: A depressed doesn’t want advice the only thing they want is you support. Leave the treatment of the illness to the professionals. The most import thing that you can do for a depressed friend is to be there for them. Go out with them and spend time with them. Do not Judge them.

Be patient: In the starting you will be very helpful and you enjoys the process but as soon as time passes it can be very frustrating dealing with a friend who has depression. There may be times when you would rather walk away and get on with your own life. Don't lose your patience, though. Don't desert a friend when they need your help the most. Do not left your friend alone.

Encourage them to seek professional Help: It is very important for a depressed person to seek professional help but they don’t want to take it. There are support groups and counselors who can provide help. A person with severe depression may also need to take medication to ease their condition. Encourage your friend to talk to their doctor.


Offer Practical help: Help your friend but indirectly. Depressed people sometimes neglect everyday tasks. You might find that they don't have enough food in their home, or they are not keeping on top of household chores. A depressed person might also find it difficult to open their mail and pay their bills. For a depressed person to do various simple daily task is difficult. You can't cure a friend's depression, but you can offer practical help. If you are going shopping, ask your friend if they need anything. If you know that they aren't eating, offer to cook them a meal. Little things like this can be a great comfort to someone with depression.

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