This girl got periods at the age of 2, the reason is shocking
This girl got periods at the age of 2, the reason is shocking

Recently, a shocking incident is coming to light from the UK in which after one and a half years of birth, the body of a girl named Baby Liza started to mature like an adult. From primary school itself, she started getting regular periods. From the age of 8, she had to wear a bra like an adult. Liza Lewis, a 23-year-old customer service worker from Newcastle, UK, said her classmates used to bully her badly because of this condition.  

Liza said, "I was more developed than the rest. The size of my breast had increased a lot, and from the age of 7, it started developing. While studying in primary school, I used to go swimming with my schoolmates, so in the changing room, people used to constantly comment on me. The boys used to accuse me of breast implants, but I was a little girl. The parents of other children also used to stare at me and comment.''

She further said "When I was 18 months old, my private parts started bleeding. Seeing this, my mother was very upset and my father immediately reached the doctor.'' Liza said, "My bleeding had begun unabated, so my parents took me to the doctor. They reported that there may be precocious puberty (untimely puberty). After examination, they also confirmed it. I started having periods like an adult woman.'' Liza said that because of her supportive parents, she never felt lonely. Parents taught to accept the changes taking place in the body normally. 

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