This is how you will miss your roomie when she moves away ?
This is how you will miss your roomie when she moves away ?

Moving out to stay in another City? And worried about how you will be going to manage there? The first thing which comes in your mind is about the room partner because living with someone new can be extremely problematic and needs a lot of endurance. But, when time passesthe person who was once a stranger, will end up being your best friend.  Here is how you will miss your room partner when she moves away:-

1. You need to wake up by your own:

As during the whole time span you lived with her, she was the first person to wake you up, prepared a morning coffee for you.

2. Now, you won’t be developing your cookery skills together:

As for the first time you moved out of house all you had was your mother’s recipes and don’t have any cooking skills to make a food for your own. So, at that time you and your room mate both learned how to make different dishes. But, now you need to cook all the recipes by your own.

3. Spending hours of watching a mindless series with her:

The biggest thing you will gonna miss is doing mindless enjoyment with her as she had practically become family to you, more like a sister and the most important thing is that you were even more comfortable while doing absolutely nothing with her.

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