You will be lost seeing the beauty of these tourist places of India

If you want to see the natural beauty closely during summer vacation and want to know about it, then what is the time to pack your bag and go out on a trip to these destinations. Every tourist spot here is special in itself. Every year millions of tourists from India and abroad come here and make their holidays memorable. If you want to spend the summer holidays in a calm and natural environment, then you can enjoy the natural views here with your family. Here is some summer destination where you spend a few moments with your family.

Goa: Goa is very much for peace loving tourists and nature lovers. It is called the 'Pearl of the Orient' and a tourist's paradise. Goa, famous for its beautiful coastline, attracts domestic and foreign tourists. The beaches (beaches) of Goa are world famous. Tourists always start coming here. Goa is a small state. There are about 40 big and small beaches here. In summer, tourists come to stroll on the beaches of Goa, enjoy the sand and the waves. Tourist crowds are most frequent in Goa during the summer months.

Lonavala: Lonavala is a beautiful hilly region of Pune district in the state of Maharashtra, India. It is located in the north-west of Pune. Lonavala is also called the jewel of the Sahyadri category. Lonavala is a pleasant hill station away from the city's hustle and bustle. Lonavala, which is called the gateway of Mumbai and Pune, is also called Switzerland of Maharashtra. The pleasant weather and natural beauty of Lonavala attracts tourists. Lonavala is an ideal place to spend a holiday amidst the serene atmosphere, pure air and greenery.

Shimla: Shimla has been a favorite of tourists due to its unique beauty in India as well as the whole world. Surrounded by houses and farms built on hill slopes, forests of cedar, pine and maju, Shimla looks very attractive. It is pleasant to come here from Kalka by a slow moving train. The waterfalls and plains flowing in the valleys of Shimla adorn Shimla. Shimla was discovered by the British in 1819. Charles Kennedy built the first summer home here. Soon Shimla came into the eyes of Lord William Bentinck, who was the Governor General of India from 1828 to 1835. The Presidential residence of the British Viceroy was built here in the late 19th century. Nowadays it has Institute of Advanced Study. Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh and summer capital of British times, is the most important tourist center of the state.

Darjeeling: 'Queen of Hills' means Queen of the mountains, is considered to be the best city to celebrate the famous Darjeeling holidays. Darjeeling, the only mountain tourist destination of West Bengal, is counted among the most beautiful hill tourist places in the world. The Toy Train takes a tour of the beautiful plains of the famous hill station of Darjeeling. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway was included in the list of World Heritage sites by UNESCO in 1999. The special attraction of Darjeeling's journey is the lush green tea plantations. Now Darjeeling is known globally for tea.

Panchmarhi: Panchmarhi, located in Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh, is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in central India. Panchmarhi situated on the Satpura hills is the only hill station in Madhya Pradesh. In the lush and calm Panchmarhi, the songs of many rivers and waterfalls mesmerize the tourists. The Panchmarhi Valley was discovered in 1857 by Captain James Forsyth of Bengal Lancer. This place was developed by the British as an army camp. Many churches and buildings of the British period can still be seen in Panchmarhi. There are dense forests, waterfalls and ponds here. Being a part of Satpura National Park, there are very dense forests around here. The caves here are of archaeological importance as rock paintings have also been found in the caves here.

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