Love to visit Ancient Forts, must visit this dangerous one

Many forts were built in India since the time of Kings which still exists today. You may have heard and perhaps seen but many forts you may not have known. But have you heard of the most dangerous fort to date, no, yes, yes today we are going to talk to you about a fort where your small mistake can take your life. We know you hardly believe it, but when you read about it, you too will lose consciousness.

Yes, we are talking about the Kalavantin Fort, India's most dangerous fort. This fort is called dangerous because if you slip a little here, you will fall straight down the beat and even your bones will not be found. When people see this fort, they shy away from going to this fort. So, people rarely come here.

If your foot slips from the Kalavantin fort, you will fall directly into the ditch 2300 feet below. This fort was earlier called Muranjan Fort. But under the rule of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, it was renamed Kalavantin. The journey here during the rainy season is no less than a threat.

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