This is the right time when need to take back step from any relation

Oct 17 2018 09:11 AM
This is the right time when need to take back step from any relation

Relationships are very delicate. There is a lot to be done to pursue any relationship, but despite this, it gets weakened in one stroke and comes to the verge of breaking. Do you know the value of yourself? Do you know that at which point of relationship do you need to move forward alone?

It is ridiculous to realize that when we have to start a relationship we realize it, but when the time comes to come out of the relationship then meditation is not there. There are some hints that show that it is good to eliminate the relationship now.

They are taking your advantage:

Are you just being exploited in the relationship? This is similar to slavery. Yes, it will be called slavery, where only you are being used. When two people love each other, there is a sense of equality. But in the relationship, that equality has ended and you are being given only in your relationship, what is the benefit of this? This gives you a big indication of getting out of the relationship.

Self Respect is not there:

With the passage of time, relations fluctuated. But respect is something that is very important for any person. Nobody can compromise with self-esteem. A person can adjust to food, drink, clothes, living conditions, but self esteem is a big thing. If you are respecting your partner, but in return, your honor is getting a lot of anger, then it is time to get out of this relationship.

There is a limit to giving a second chance:

Every time your partner makes a mistake in the case of forgiveness, and despite this, he comes to apologize to you. You love him and do not want to lose, because of this you forgive him every time. But the question is how many more opportunities will you give? There is also a limit to giving another opportunity. The more time you give it, the more you will continue to bear the same benefits. In this way there is no point in moving ahead with the relationship. This direct indicates that you should leave the relationship and move on.

Feeling of love diminishes:

Not as before, it is better to move any relationship than to carry it like a burden and leave it and move on. When you drag anything, it gets spoiled. There is no rhyme in this cumbersome relationship. It would be better for both of you to accept that you are not able to handle this relationship.

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