OMG! World's scariest place is 'basement of tombs,' 6million skeletons buried
OMG! World's scariest place is 'basement of tombs,' 6million skeletons buried

You may find many strange and mysterious places in this world and the stories there can surprise and surprise you. Today we are going to tell you about a similar place. Yes, in fact, we are talking about 'French Catcomez.' It is located in Paris, France, and has preserved nearly 6 million dead bodies. You may have lost your senses on hearing this but it is true. Let me tell you all that the history of the Paris Catacombs begins at the end of the eighteenth century, and that was the time when there was no space left in the city to bury the dead. It is said that in 1785, there were so many deaths that they could not be buried in any other crematorium.

As a result, once in the rain, the corpses came out of the cemetery and hit the streets. At that time, to change the situation, the bodies began to be dumped in a tunnel and the bodies were brought from other places in the same tomb. In no time, about 60 lakh bodies were deposited here. Let me tell you that about 6 million people were buried in french catacombs and this place is built on a wall about 2.2 kilometers long with dead bones and skulls.

Today, in Paris, 20 meters deep from the ground, this dangerous place is called the "basement of tombs." Today this place is open to tourists and people come from far and wide to see it. There is a 2.2 km long wall made of dead bones and skulls. It is said that the entire tunnel has not been opened to tourists even today. The tunnel is spread over about 800 hectares and can be rotated by people in only a few parts of it.

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