China has built the world's largest laboratory, know what's special
China has built the world's largest laboratory, know what's special

Beijing: Every day, China keeps surprising the world with its amazing exploits. Sometimes he tries to create a man-made sun in the sky and sometimes he even talks about establishing settlements on the moon. Now China has built the world's deepest laboratory. Its depth is 2400 meters i.e. it is approximately 2.5 kilometers below the earth. China has also started working in this laboratory. China is claiming that it is searching for 'dark matter' in the depths of the earth. 

Dark matter has become a mystery for scientists even today. It is said that the entire world is made of dark matter. Scientists also say that because of dark matter and dark energy the entire universe is bound to a sequence. Along with this, scientists have also agreed that the coordination between the moon, stars, sun and planets is also due to dark matter, because there is not enough gravity in the entire universe to hold all the planets, stars, sun, Can bind the moon in one orbit. It is being said that dark matter is made of such substances which neither attract light towards themselves nor is light visible emanating from them. Last year, an experiment named Lux ​​Zeppelin LZ was also conducted in America to search for dark matter. 

China is searching for dark matter: Let us tell you that on Thursday, while giving information about this, China's government news agency Xinhua has said that the laboratory in which China is working under the earth is named Jinping Lab and it is It took 3 years to build. 

According to Chinese media, there is no better place in the world than China for the discovery of dark matter, because they have the most advanced laboratory. This lab is also expected to open new frontiers of experiments in the depths of the earth.

Why is research being done under the earth?: Tsinghua's physicist has said that the deeper we go, the more cosmic rays we will be able to stop, hence the lab built at depth is ideal for detecting dark matter. Called an 'ultra-clean' site.

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