Plant saplings according to direction on this world environment day
Plant saplings according to direction on this world environment day

We all know that there are a total of 10 directions, but 8 of them can be clarified on any ground. These directions:-

1.North 2.South 3.East 4.West 5.North-East (Ishan)6.South-East (Southeast) 7.North-West (Northwest) 8.South-West (Southwest). Every direction has a profound effect on human life because these auspicious directions of the building in which he resides are playing an important role.

Plant trees according to direction: Some trees in the above directions are also prescribed which are also known as Dikpal trees. Planting and rearing those trees in a certain direction increases auspiciousness. These trees are as follows:-

direction east
Tree Bamboo/Nirgundi

Direction West
Tree Kadamba/Maulshree

Direction North
Tree Berries/Ashoka

Direction South
Tree Amla/Mango

Disha Ishaan
Tree Jasmine/Shavelogic

direction igneous
Tree Sycamore/Palas

direction northwest
Tree Shami/Neem

direction southwest
Tree Sandalwood/Saptapani

A lot of planetary and constellations: Every person is greatly influenced by planets and constellations. Out of the constellations seen at night in the sky, the 27 star groups that have been recognized in astrological calculations since time immemorial are called nakshatras. The effect of the nakshatra in which a person is born is visible on his life. Therefore, even according to his nakshatra, planting trees can bring special benefits to a person, and also remove the difficulties in life.

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