I doubt their DNA, those who do not speak Jai Shri Ram- CM Yogi

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, replying to a question during an event on Wednesday, said, "I don't think anyone in UP or the country will have a problem speaking Jai Shri Ram. Ram was our ancestor, we should be proud of this. He said that those who don't believe so I have little doubt on their DNA.''

On the question of some people getting scared during CM yogi's rule, CM Yogi said that he has had the opportunity to meet Dharamacharyas of all religions during the last two years, especially during corona. I call everyone from time to time and talk. I listen carefully to what they say. They say good things. Today, everyone in UP believes that there have been no riots in the last few years. If there are riots and Hindus die, will Muslims be safe? If one section dies, the other will also be in the grip of it. One section is safe and the other section will also be safe.

CM Yogi further said that there will be no citizen of India or UP who will have any problem in speaking Jai Shri Ram. Are you asking all citizens to speak Jai Shri Ram? On this CM Yogi said that you can speak. Ram was our ancestor, I am not saying this. Indonesia, the world's most Muslim population, considers Ram as its ancestor. Muslims in Indonesia also do Ramlila. Ram was our ancestor, we should be proud of it.

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