'Wuhan diary' exposes writer's life in danger, receives threat
'Wuhan diary' exposes writer's life in danger, receives threat

BEIJING: China's author of the reality of the Coronavirus epidemic is receiving threats to kill him. Regarding the Chinese city of Wuhan, which became the center of Corona, Chinese writer Fang Fang began writing a 'Wuhan diary' on China's social media platform Weibo regarding the Corona epidemic in his hometown.

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This online diary of Fang narrating the situation during that period has now created a ruckus in China and he has also received threats to kill him. After the writer mentioned the atmosphere of the city in the Wuhan diary, when the government started writing about the government misdeeds there was an uproar. Feng wrote in his diary, referring to the plight of government systems, "there is no place in hospitals, patients are being driven away, there is a shortage of masks and medical equipment."

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Quoting one of his doctor friends, Fang wrote, 'He told his officer that the disease is spreading from person to person very fast, but nothing happened. Feng mentioned it in an interview and said, 'I kept writing the truth and now I am receiving threats to kill me.' There are strict restrictions on media in China. Many countries, including the US, questioned China over Feng's diary.

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