Priest, wife and son murdered in Uttar Pradesh

Sep 01 2020 03:45 PM
Priest, wife and son murdered in Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow: Sensation has spread after the incident of a triple murder in Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh. A Priest living in an ashram outside the village has been killed by someone, a sadhvi and son living with him, crushed with brick and stone. The bodies of the three were found lying outside the house. As soon as the information of this incident reached the police, the police took all the bodies in the possession and sent them for postmortem.

The police is investigating after taking into account the ground rivalry and other aspects. Forensic department and senior police officers are trying to find out the motive behind this triple murder. Villagers say that in the night, 70-year-old Sadhu Haridas was sleeping on the cot outside with his family. Then they have been attacked with brick and stone. Panic has spread in the village since this incident.

The villagers say that religious works were also done in the ashram. The Priest and his family had no such rivalry to give someone a reason to murder them. The police is currently investigating the entire case. Additional Director General of Police SN Sawant, who arrived at the scene, says that the local police has been ordered to arrest the accused soon after investigating the entire case. The police is primarily involved in the investigation of the entire case on the basis of ground rivalry and many other aspects.

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