Warning Signs and Symptoms of thyroid

Jul 22 2019 04:28 PM
Warning Signs and Symptoms of thyroid

The hormones released from the thyroid gland in our body become unbalanced when they do not function properly. This has a great impact on your body. This causes either thickening or thinning. It is sometimes not detected at the right time, which causes it to not be treated. But here we're going to tell you its symptoms.

1. Sudden uncontrolled weight gain or event points to the thyroid. If you see such a change in your weight, check it out immediately.

2. Heart beat is also reduced in the speed of heartbeats. If your heartbeat speeds down from normal, it points to the thyroid.

3. Hormone fluctuations also affect your mind and mood. If you feel angry and irritable at the moment, be careful.

4. The thyroid also affects your period. If there is more blood or low flow than normal during the period, you should immediately visit the doctor and get a thyroid checkup.

5. If your hair is constantly thin and dry or the skin looks too rough, they also point to the thyroid.

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